Vagina. Organ intimate this fact in the women

April 12, 2009

One of which is very interesting to learn is Ms. V aka Vagina. Organ intimate this fact in the women have a lot of bending and groove-fossa hidden that can take you to the top of both enjoyment. Yuk, we open the secret

Klitoris – “magic button” is shaped like a closed meeting on the lips in the vagina. Of small and hidden, but save a tremendous potential to make women surrender pasrah in the pair embrace. More women experience clitoral orgasm, the vaginal orgasm. This is caused klitoris the end of the end of the nerve-which is very sensitive soft.

Softness needed extra time ‘play’ in this area. One gentle touch or caress your tongue piawai can pair seemingly silly. When inflame, akan klitoris up to almost twice the size of the original. Believe it or not, the biological, klitoris is equivalent to the male organ penis lho!

Labia – Consists of two parts, the labia major and labia minor. Labia is a ‘lip’ that protect the vagina and urethra in the attack of bacteria and germs. Labia so that protection, so that the medical fact that women’s vagina even more clean and hygienic than the mouth!

G-Spot – or Grafenberg Spot is currently warm-warm covered in various media. He said, narrow space behind the pubis bone of women is left out when it will give you the sensation there is no counterpart. This point can be found by inserting the fingers into Ms. V with the palm facing forward. Then, buckling your fingers and move slowly until reaching beloved beloved multiple orgasm. G-Spot can also be a good time terstimulasi make the position doggy style or spooning.

Well, Seeing the anatomy of the body of a partner, you are guaranteed to meet akan always beautiful time together. Do not be afraid to experiment and explore the body couple. In marriage, creativity is the element which is very important to build relationships couple who always passionate

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