Tips to get Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

February 23, 2011

there are several scholarships each year, that they can not possibly accept every single potential candidate does not matter how good. Unfortunately you can not change CGPA you get from your study undergraduate years ago but what can you do NOW to stand out from the rest?

Choose wisely. There are more than 100 Master’s programs are offered each year, few are as common as environmental management and some can be really special like hydroinformatic. Chances are, many people who come from different backgrounds will choose the general subject. Unless you have a background that is really impressive directly related to the course you are applying for, I suggest you choose more specific.

Publications. You will receive a significant point to have a work published studies that it is useful to go back to your undergraduate thesis (if you do not have a record of publication … no, letter of complaint about your noisy neighbors in the local paper does not count) and try to get it published in relevant journal publications.

CV. This is a no-brainer but for some reason is often ignored. Panel incoming received thousands of resumes and they are normal human beings with the inevitable stress hormones that make their jobs easier and they might see you. There are many online guides that can help you polish your CV, but the point is, make sure it is easy to read at first sight.

Letter of Recommendation. If you work or have worked before, try to get a strong letter of recommendation from your current employer / previous. Because most of the masters program offered consists of one semester of internship, it will show you that you are not just nerds, but also a practical person who can do a good job in the industry.

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