Cheap Cars with price under 500 dollars

May 18, 2009

Cars with a price under 500 dollars was still there. Ever since the market crash there are big waves in the number of people looking for cars under 500 dollars online according to Google trends. Cars with a price under 500 dollars is usually not the latest model car, but still functional and reasonable way the car can also be relied upon.

Until only very recently you might have noticed that used cars prices were sky high and cars under 500 dollars had disappeared from the market. As a result of this bad economic climate people who want to pay their debts have resorted to selling their used cars really cheap and those who are cash strapped want to know if there are cars under 500 dollars that are still available. Well I have good news for you, these dirt cheap cars are still available and I will show you where to get the best of these used cars.

Government auctions

The first place to look for cars under 500 dollars is at government auctions. Maybe you won’t find them on you first visit there but I can assure you that there are sometimes hidden gems that you can sometimes find at these government auctions that you never really expected to find.


The second place you can find cars under 500 dollars are the classifieds like Craigslist, Penny Saver and others. You can start with online classified since there are convenient and free. The best trick to use here is to find a car that is close to 500 dollars and make an offer for 500 dollars to the owner and see if he agrees to it. Now be really careful when you have bought a car for under 500 dollars from someone as sometimes these cars may lack reliability as the owner might have taken some part from the car as a result of your cheaper counter offer. That is why it is paramount to have a car bill of sale printable form signed by you and the seller and to make sure that the appropriate terms of contract have been stipulated in it in order to protect yourself.

Auction sites

The third place you can find these cars is on places like eBay where anybody who’s everybody goes to look for good second hand stuff. Just type in cars under 500 dollars in the eBay search bar which should return some results. If not please go and do a Google search for site: cars under 500 dollars. You can also search in your local newspapers and see if you can get these gems there. Remember rules don’t change for these places; please get a car bill of sale printable form and you get yourself and the seller to sign before you sell to each other.

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