a Park Model Mobile Home

August 16, 2009

My wife and I have lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean, a really cheap way to live. We have lived fulltime in an RV, also a very cheap way to live. We have enough friends that live in park model mobile homes that we know we could do this as well.

After all a park model mobile home is an RV without wheels. But they have a big advantage over an RV…they are much larger,, much more like a real “home”. That’s because that’s what they really are, a home.

Let me explain further. If you RV for a while you tend to gravitate to certain parks and areas where you spend long periods of time. In our case we loved the summers in Sunriver Oregon. We couldn’t stand the winters, then we RVed in Phoenix. See where we are going.

The solution is 2 park model homes, one in Sunriver, one in Phoenix. Summer in Oregon, winter in Phoenix. Pick your 2 areas to suit your preferences.

The cost of 2 park models is around $30,000 (2 used units) to $100,000 (2 new units). Monthly park fees run from $250 to $350. So you have a monthly outgo of $500 to $700. Your utilities and taxes will be much lower with 2 park models vs. a house because you are heating and cooling a smaller space.

If you are interested in cheap living I am going to assume you don’t live in a gated community. Many park model communities are gated with 24 hour security.

Along with security advantages are the activities available in park model communities…the lists of things to do are mind-boggling. From scrapbooking, to stained glass to full wood shops…you can find like minded persons that enjoy doing what you enjoy.

It is much easier getting involved in a park model mobile home community than it is in any “regular” neighborhood. You are closer together and make friends quickly. Of course you won’t have the grass to mow with a park model…there is some sacrifice to be made.

So don’t let the term cheap living scare you. There are many options to cutting costs and still having a lot of fun. Living in a park model mobile home is one way to do so. Enjoy.

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